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Hunting Camp 15 Cribbage Board

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Carved cribbage boards available in walnut, oak, or maple.


 This is a local, hand-crafted cribbage board made from high quality material that is available in three distinct wood options. As noted above that includes "Red Oak", "Maple" or "Walnut". Time, care and development is spent in making each product option. This is entirely local to Alberta, so that you know it was developed, produced and delivered from this local region. It's about having options for your wood cribbage boards and this Hunting Camp provides just that. No matter what sort of experience you're looking to have with the game, this is the best way to do so. 

We think it's important for all customers to know some of the context behind our work so that you can understand that these aren't just quickly manufactured and take the time of an individual to be crafted for a quality board. So that your games are unique, distinct and fresh to play on when you enjoy this quality piece. This dives into the natural elements of Canada, a calm collected hunting camp featuring a deer to the side for a deeper sense of nature's presentation.