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Custom Branding Iron (HEAD ONLY)

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Give your woodwork a professional touch with a custom brass branding iron. Go ahead... Make your mark!

Our high quality custom brass branding irons are available with your custom logo up to 2″ x 2″ in size.

The branding iron heads are 1/2" thick with .08" deep engravings to provide you with clean burn on your wood.

Available with or without an electric handle.

The back of each head will be drilled and threaded for a 5/16″ rod.

Ordering is easy!

For your logo, we ask that you send us a black on white high resolution jpeg. Your logo image and info can be uploaded right here on this page. 

Please contact me with any questions!

Chris Tasa

This is a local, hand-crafted custom branding iron that provides a custom logo for your very own mark. Time, care and development is spent in making each product option. This is entirely local to Alberta, so that you know it was developed, produced and delivered from this local region.

We think it's important for all customers to know some of the context behind our work so that you can understand that these aren't just quickly manufactured and take the time of an individual to be crafted for a quality product.